FitzPatrick | Family Holiday Mini Session | Sons & Daughters Farm and Winery | Palm Beach County Photographer

“There is something magical about having your family photographed for the very first time. For us, our photos were much more than millions of little light particles forming our silhouettes. For us, these images were images of survival, perseverance, courage, and fearlessness. Our first and only child, Finn Wilder, was born with unexpected complications that landed him in the NICU for nearly a week. With a healthy mother, and a natural birth we never had a hint that anything was wrong. We learned very quickly that parenthood was a thin tightrope between terror and joy that fluctuated so erratically that we could hardly keep up. These photos have helped to heal us. The rainbow that so perfectly made an appearance during our shoot was such a beautiful reminder that the joy will always outweigh terror, even in the darkest of storms.” -Anna FitzPatrick

There are blessing everywhere we turn, and I am beyond blessed to have met this beautiful family! Looking forward to capturing Finn as he grows.