Barry + Jim


"Today, after nearly 11 years together, we are married.
From a single choice to make one more stop before going home changed my life forever. He is the embodiment of what living from possibilities can represent and that there are no coincidences but a divine plan for us all.
Through our commitment and choices, I have experienced the meaning of those words, I have experienced the importance of being...being me, and being together. Sitting in the rain and sitting in the sun. Heartbreak and breakthrough.
Through the years, we have meshed into this oneness being. Where people don’t expect one without the other. We are the direct opposite and the direct compliment to each other. He is the energetic side to my quiet, the loud and talkative to my contemplation and reflection, he is the soft hearted compassion to my firm stand. I am grateful to continue our dance together.
Thank you to all for the love and support through the years. We love you all. ❤️❤️❤️" - Jim

Thank you Barry & Jim for letting me a part of this beautiful ceremony.

Now you get half! 😂

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