Birth photography is a very special way to document and capture this special time for your growing family. It frees up Dad, Grandma or the friend who is there for moral support and allows the birthing team to be there to fully assist Mom while the photographer acts like a fly on the wall capturing away your bundle-of-joys journey into this world. 

It is more of a photojournalistic approach to photography and never has to mean explicit crowning shots. The photos & video are essential to have and treasure and reflect upon when the days come and go and the memories fade. A baby is only born once. You only get one chance at capturing those moments; the first breath, the first cry, the first gaze at mom, the first reaction from siblings, the first bath, etc. 

You deserve to celebrate this time and make this a truly and remarkably wonderful experience you shall NEVER forget… and if you do forget, don’t worry, you got it captured!